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is essential when choosing a haramaki.

Five reasons to love lullaberry
2in1: a unicolour and a printed haramaki in one

You about us

 „I had the chance to learn about what haramakis were during a photo shoot. I tried on at least 50 of different colours for each of my garments, outside- and inside-out. They really enchanted me as I think it is most difficult for expectant moms to dress fashionably and in a versatile manner. I realised that you don’t need to buy a pile of maternity clothes for these few months, which can be pretty costly, but it is enough to spice up your one pair of maternity pants with a different vibrant maternity band every day. You can also wear your normal tops as haraqmakis finely conceal your belly  and keep your waist warm. They are of excellent quality, trendy and they spice up your ordinary days. I recommend lullaberry to kids, moms-to-be and everyone else as well.”
(Vivien Rippel, a happy mom-to-be)


„I am most happy to know lullaberry, as I tend to catch colds very easily. Thanks to these fantastic haramakis, I don’t need to worry about this any longer. I especially love lullaberry for its patterns and vivid colours, and the fact that they are reversible”.
(Bianka Bendes, stylist)

„Catching colds is a common problem for women and pregnancy makes you even more prone to it. This is why protecting your waist as a form of prevention bears and outstanding importance, so I recommend this fashionable extra protection to each mom-to-be.”
(Antónia Piczek, maternal and child health nurse)

„It is a warm and colourful wear for cold, grey days. It is comfortable and I can combine it with other clothes for any occasion.”
(Éva Farkas, model)



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