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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Service




1. Introduction

2. Merchant’s data

3. Products available online
4. Registration and subscribing to the newsletter

5. Ordering process

6. Cancelling an order

7. Discounts and gift certificates

8. Information on shipping methods, deadlines and costs

9. Cancellation of purchase, exchanges

10. Handling complaints and warranty

11. Data protection measures

12. Using the website

13. Other provisions


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1. Introduction

Persons (referred to hereby as Users) browsing online store (hereby referred to as Webshop) with or without registration are required to keep to the present General Terms and Conditions of Service (hereby referred to as General Terms).
Only those Users are allowed to make a purchase at the Webshop who have previously submitted information required for placing an order and accepted the present General Terms (hereby referred to as Customers).

With the submission of an order and its confirmation, in accordance with the 17/1999. (II.5.) Government Decree, a contract is established between the Customer and Haramaki Trading Ltd. (hereby referred to as Merchant) as remote partners without drawing up an individual written agreement or opening a file.


2. Merchant’s data

Name: Haramaki Trading Ltd.

URL of Webshop operated by the Merchant:

Location: Budapest, Cseppkő u. 51., H- 1025, Hungary
Tax number: 23175439-2-42
Company registration number: 01-09-956520/11

Registered by: Budapest Metropolitan Court as company registration court
The Merchant is registered as a commercial agent by the municipality of District 16 of Budapest.

Bank account number: K&H Bank Zrt. 10401914-50526580-54851004

Representation: Irén Peczöli managing director
Phone: +36 70/220 05 20


3. Products available online

3.1 Products on offer

Categories of products on offer:

 waistwarmers for women,
 waistwarmers for children and
 maternity bandages.
 female apparel

The detailed description of all products including price, material characteristics, handling instructions, product characteristics, colours, and pattern information (i.e. description and visual representation) is available on the info page of each product. The Merchant is making efforts to explain basic product characteristics in the greatest detail possible, especially in terms of describing colours. In certain cases, colours displayed electronically might differ from the actual colours of products as they largely depend on the monitor used by the Customer and its settings. Consequently, the Merchant is not liable for any damage resulting from product display.


3.2 Stock information

Next to the description of each product, Merchant provides information about the current supply. In the event of the product being in stock, the shipping deadline indicated in the General Terms is specified in the confirmation of the order.

In case the accepted order cannot be delivered due to supply shortage, the Merchant notifies the Customer of the time of the expected delivery at the email address provided in the registration. In the event of the Customer not accepting the deadline, the Merchant makes provisions for refunding the amount paid within 30 days.


3.3 Product pricing

The purchase price of each product is the price indicated next to it, including 27% VAT. Prices are quoted in Euro. Product prices do not include shipping costs, which are indicated as extra costs on the bill.

Merchant reserves the right to change prices. In the case of each order, the price set at the time of purchase is valid and is included in the confirmation email sent after the order was placed.


4. Registration and subscribing to the newsletter

The collection of the Webshop can always be browsed without registration or without logging in. A registration is necessary for making a purchase. Registrations can be made at the Webshop by following the link ‘Registration’. Through registration, the User accepts the data protection rules of the Webshop. Logging in is made possible by entering the email address and the password provided at registration and by clicking on the ‘Login’ button. Then Users can see their own account data. Users can modify their personal data, password, billing and shipping addresses by clicking on ‘Own data’, or can review their previous orders. A summary of orders under processing can be seen at the ‘Shopping cart’ interface.

Incomplete registrations with missing required data are not accepted. The Merchant does not take any liability for incorrect fulfilment of an order arising from incorrect data.

Optional registration data serve the purpose of customising promotional newsletter offers based on the information Users provide, when users subscribe to the newsletter.

Signing up for the newsletter is completely optional and free of charge. Subscribing is possible by clicking the ‘Sign up for newsletter’ button or by checking the ‘Sign up for newsletter’ box during registration, also indicating that the User accepts the data protection rules of the Webshop. Unsubscribing is possible through the user’s account or by clicking the ‘I unsubscribe from the newsletter.’ link in the footer of the newsletter.


5. Ordering process

5.1 Logging in

In order to initiate a purchase, registered customers first need to log into the Webshop using their user ID (email address) and password.


5.2 Selecting a product

First, the customer needs to select the desired product in the appropriate size. In order to place the product into the shopping cart, the customer needs to click on the shopping cart icon.

In the event of buying other products or the same product in a different size or quantity, it is possible to navigate back to the product catalogue and the desired additional products can be placed in the shopping cart.


5.3 Reviewing selected products

After selecting the products to be purchased, the selected products and their amounts can be reviewed by clicking on the shopping cart icon. The contents of your cart can be modified by using the ‘delete’ icon or by changing the quantities in the chart.
Changes are to be finalised by clicking on the ‘Save changes’ button.


5.4 Selecting delivery mode and submitting a shipping address

Orders from abroad are accepted and delivered by postal mail. See Section 8 for detailed regulations and deadlines for delivery.


5.5 Payment



PayPal is a globally accepted secure payment system. PayPal Website Payment Standard is applied for online payment at online store.


When initiating a payment process from through PayPal, first it is verified that your internet browser is running Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher. Transit of information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 168 bits (the highest level commercially available). Your personal information is stored on our PayPay servers that are heavily guarded, both physically and electronically. To further shield your credit card and bank numbers, we do not directly connect our firewall-protected servers to the internet.


For further information on PayPal secure payment click here.

5.6 Placing an order

After collecting goods in the shopping cart, it is possible to review data or change data if necessary. Subsequently, the order can be submitted by clicking on the ‘Order’ icon. Following this, a new page is displayed with feedback for the customer whether the order was successfully placed or the system found an error in filling the forms. In case the system identifies an error on the order form, it sends a warning and makes corrections possible.


5.7 Confirmation of an order

After placing a successful order, the Merchant sends a confirmation email to the email address submitted at registration within 24 hours. The confirmation includes the list of ordered items and the total sum to pay including taxes and shipment costs.


6. Cancelling an order

An order can be cancelled via email or telephone before 11.00 am on the next day after the order was placed. In the event of a bank card payment, the Merchant refunds the sum paid via bank transfer.

Cancellation requests arriving later than 11.00 am the day after the order was placed cannot be granted as the ordered products are to be delivered anyway. In this case, in accordance with section 9, the Customer may not fulfil obligations set in the contract or may initiate a change of goods within 8 working days after delivery.


7. Discounts and gift certificates

7.1 Using discount coupons

Discount coupons issued by the Merchant can be used when buying products that are not on sale within the validity period of the coupon by submitting the coupon code. Discount coupons cannot be used when buying goods on sale.

Discount coupons are transferrable to other Customers who may use them during shopping by submitting coupon codes.


7.2 Items on sale

In the case of goods on sale, the sale period lasts either up to a deadline or until the supply lasts. Sale prices are indicated in a special font (besides the original price being crossed out).


7.3 Other discounts

When a Customer purchases certain products together or purchases products worth over a certain amount, the Merchant provides different types of discounts. For detailed information see the ‘How to shop at a discount’ menu item of the Webshop. Discount programs are always temporary and discounts are valid until they are revoked. The Merchant reserves the right to cancel a discount at any time or to modify the terms and conditions of discount programs. In order to utilise discounts, conditions must be met and shopping at a discount must happen within the period of the discount program.


7.4 Using gift certificates

The Merchant makes the purchase of gift certificates possible by offering different denominations in multiples of 1000 HUF. Gift certificates can be exchanged for any goods in the Webshop. If the value of the order is smaller than the value of cashed gift certificates, the Merchant is not in the position to provide any refunds for the difference or account for it in any way. If the value of an order is higher than the value of the gift certificate, the difference can be settled by any means of payment.


8. Information on shipping methods, deadlines and costs


Package and posting costs to EU countries (incl. VAT):

  •  Individual piece: 3 EUR
  •  Any other quantities: 6 EUR

The costs of package and posting are added to the total amount of the purchase.

Deadline of delivery to EU: 14 working days

The total sum displayed in the order summary and the confirmation email includes all costs. The invoice is included in the package unless the Customer explicitly requests that it is sent to a different address. If the Customer notices that the package is damaged on delivery, receiving the package can be denied, provided an official record is produced. In this case, the post or the courier service returns the package to the sender. Subsequent complaints concerning shipping damage without an official record of the package will not be accepted by the Merchant.

Merchant does everything to ensure that delivery deadline given in the present Section 8 are kept, although these are only of informative nature and the Merchant is not responsible for any delay.

If the shipment does not arrive within the period specified, an investigation will be launched with the shipping company to find out about the circumstances. This may take several days. The Merchant cannot be compelled to refund the sum paid by the Customer before closing the investigation process.


9. Cancellation of purchase, exchanges

9.1 Common regulations

Customers may cancel their purchases within 8 working days after delivery or may request an exchange of goods.

Customers may exercise their cancellation rights or request an exchange of goods by sending a related notification by phone, via registered mail or email to any of the Merchant’s contacts specified in Section 10.

By exercising cancellation rights or requesting an exchange of goods, the Customer is only to cover the expenses of return shipment.

Ordered goods can be returned to the Merchant’s address via regular mail. The appropriately filled return goods form, which can be found at the back of the original invoice, is to be included in the return shipment. Expenses that occur while returning goods are covered by the Customer, consequently packages returned via cash on delivery will not be accepted by the Merchant.


9.2 The right to cancel a purchase

Following the announcement of the cancellation of a purchase and the return of the shipment, the Merchant refunds the amount paid by the Customer – exclusive of shipping costs within 30 days. If a purchase was made by cash on delivery, the refund is sent via post. If the order was paid by bank card, refunds are made via bank transfer.


9.3 Requesting an exchange

The Merchant only accepts such goods for exchange that remain completely new an unused, without damage.
Exchanges can only be claimed for items of the same price or higher than the item purchased and to be exchanged.

In the event of an exchange, Merchant arranges for the shipping of replacement goods within 2 business days. If the value of replacement goods exceeds the amount paid, the Customer may settle the difference by bank card or in cash on delivery.


10. Handling complaints and warranty

10.1 Handling complaints

Customers may share their questions, requests, opinions and complaints about the operations of the Merchant or the goods sold using any of the contacts below:

Address: Budapest, Cseppkő u. 51., H-1025 Hungary
Phone: +36 70/220 05 20 (Monday-Thursday 10.00 am-4.00 pm)

The Merchant immediately investigates complaints made by phone and provides remedy if necessary. If the immediate investigation of a complaint is not possible, or the Customer does not agree with the handling of the complaint, the Merchant makes an official record of the complaint including the Merchant’s position on the complaint, and submits a copy to the customer.

Complaints submitted electronically or via post are to be responded to within 30 days in writing by the Merchant. The Merchant is to explain and justify the refusal of a complaint.


10.2 Warranty

The Merchant is responsible if the goods ordered are faulty at the time of delivery. Economic and Transport Ministry Decree 49/2003. (VII. 30.) about the enforcement of warranty and guarantee claims applies to warranty claims for faulty products.

Customers are to communicate their warranty claims with the Merchant within the shortest notice from the recognition of the problem. Customers can make warranty claims to the Merchant by sending the filled and signed Return shipment form located on the back of the invoice shipped in the package to the mailing address indicated in point 10.1.

The Merchant establishes contacts with the Customer within 3 business days from the announcement of the complaint. Using the information presented in the complaint, the Merchant produces an official record of the receipt and the handling of the complaint, sending a copy of the record to the Customer. In the event of faulty performance, the Customer may claim warranty within two years from delivery, before the claim period expires. Warranty allows primarily for claiming for the repair or replacement of faulty goods. If neither repair nor a replacement is possible, the Customer may request a discount or can cancel the purchase in accordance with regulations in the Civil Code.


10.3 Further modes of enforcing interests

In the event of the Merchant refusing a complaint or a warranty claim, Customers may turn to the following consumer protection bodies:


  •  local consumer protection authorities based on the Customer’s address or place of residence operating within the bodies of metropolitan or county government offices
  •  local conciliatory body based on the Customer’s address or place of residence, which is an independent organisation operating in partnership with metropolitan or county chambers of commerce.

11. Data protection measures

A registration is required for making purchases at the Webshop or receiving the lullaberry newsletter. In the course of registration, Users need to submit their names and contact information. By registration, users give their consent to their data added to the Merchant’s database to be used for


  •  making purchases at the Webshop,
  •  sending newsletters in case of subscription,
  •  Merchant’s marketing activities related to the sales of goods and
  •  enforcing demands on the User benefiting the Merchant.

without any further authorisation or remuneration until a possible restriction notice is received by the Merchant from the User.

With registration, Users acknowledge that the Merchant handles User information strictly confidentially and only uses it for the Merchant’s own, above-listed purposes. The merchant does not pass on User data to third parties except for situations when the third party is a contractor of the merchant in the course of selling and delivering products (e.g. courier service).

Submitting data is voluntary and registrations can be withdrawn at any time. The Merchant immediately deletes the data of Users requesting the cancellation of registration from the database. Users may request the deletion or modification of their data at the email address.

By registering for the newsletter, Users consent to the Merchant sending newsletters and offers to them as well as to be notified of the arrival of new products. Cancelling subscriptions is possible by either through the user’s account or by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the footer of a newsletter. Technical information (IP address, duration of visit, etc.) is recorded while users browse the Webshop for statistical purposes. The Merchant only submits these data to third parties exclusively under the auspices of valid laws and regulations.

Users acknowledge that in the event of their entry into the Webshop via an email received within the ‘Recommend to a friend’ program and make a purchase, they become participants in the ‘Recommend to a friend’ program and consent to the Merchant’ notifying the person who referred them of their purchase.

The Merchant as the handler of data entirely obeys Act LXIII of 1992. on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest and Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services when recording and handling User data.


12. Using the website

It is necessary to allow cookies for using the services of the Webshop. Cookies are files that servers send to Users’ browsers and that are stored on Users’ computers. No personal data is stored in cookies.

If Users do not wish to allow the use of cookies, they may restrict them in the settings of their browsers. If cookies are not allowed, not all elements of the services provided may be used.

Making a purchase at the Webshop pre-supposes that the User is familiar with and accepts the possibilities and the challenges of the Internet with special respect to technological performance and possible errors.

It is the User’s responsibility to assess how to protect data stored on their computer from intruders.

The Webshop reserves the right to invalidate an order and delete the User’s registration if any violation of applicable laws and regulations or this present General Terms is detected.


13. Other provisions

Content and graphics items displayed at constitute the intellectual property of the Merchant. Their partial or complete public reproduction, incorporation into other websites is only possible with the prior written (sent by mail, fax or email) consent of the Merchant.

In matters not regulated by the General Terms above, with special attention to issues regulated by government decree no. 17/1999. (II. 5.) about Contracts between remote parties and by Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services, the afore-mentioned regulations apply.

The Merchant reserves the right to modify the General Terms at any time without justification, provided the changes do not concern pending orders. Modified General terms apply from their publication on
Valid from February 12 2012 until withdrawal

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