Finding the right size...
is essential when choosing a haramaki.

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2in1: a unicolour and a printed haramaki in one

Size guide

Choosing the appropriate size is always crucial for waist warmers


  • When the size is too large, it slides around you and you always feel like you just bought it but it already stretched out.
  • When it is too small, you feel that it squeezes you and slides up, which can be most embarrassing.

This is why we advise you to measure your waist and hips circumference with a soft tape measure before ordering. Measure your waist at your slimmest point and put the band around the widest point on your hips.


It is important that you measure yourself wearing underwear or thin clothes as 3-4 centimeters can make a big difference.

Having taken your measurements, choose the right size with the help of the charts below. In case your waist and hip measurements result in different sizing, then go by your hips measurement, as this is the larger circumference with greater variability.

Women’s sizes

The length of lullaberry women’s waist warmers in size M is 28-30 cm. If you choose the right size, they should spread between your waist (navel) and your hips.








Length of harmaki (cm)
XS 62-66 86-91 28
S 67-73 92-97 28,5
M 74-79 98-103 29
L 80-86 104-109 31
XL 87-93 110-115 32


Children’s sizes


                      Waist       (cm)                              Hips          (cm)               Length of haramaki (cm)
104-116 52-55 57-64 20
122-134 56-61 65-73 24


In the case of size 140 or larger choose women’s XS size.


Maternity sizes


  Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
S/M 67-79 92-103
L/XL 80-93 104-115


  In the case of maternity bands, always rely on your pre-pregnancy measurements.




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