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Five reasons to love lullaberry
2in1: a unicolour and a printed haramaki in one

Returns and refunds policy

Don’t hesitate to order, we are sure that you will be satisfied with your choice.

In case it does not happen, you may return your purchased item for an exchange or request a refund. In this case, we will send you the amount you paid exclusive of shipping costs.




Returning a haramaki



You can find the return slip on the back of the invoice you received with your lullaberry shipment. Follow the instructions on the form and fill it carefully.

1. Take the time to try on your new garment. In case you wouldn’t like to keep something, decide whether you would like to exchange it for another one or want a refund.

2. Kindly ship back the original invoice and the return form filled with the exact return coordinates together with the unwanted items via registered mail in the same envelope. You do not need to worry about any other expenses but shipping costs.

3. We ship the return product to you within 2 working days from the arrival of your shipment. In the event of refunds, we return the price of the products to you within 30 days.

4. We ask you to precisely indicate the characteristics and size of your replacement items on the form. Make sure that the value of the new haramaki is at least the same as the value of the ones you returned. (Do not list those items on the forms that you would like to keep.)

5. Do not forget to provide your phone number on the form, as we might need to contact you. In case one of the requested items is temporarily out of stock and you did not provide an alternative, you will receive a shortage notice from us. If you do not want a different garment, we refund your money.

6. If you did not request a replacement and paid with a creadit card on your purchase, we will transfer the money back to the same account the purchase was made from. In the event on cash on delivery payment, we send the money back to the same address as the original delivery was made to.

7. Should you have received your package as a gift and it did not contain an invoice, contact the person who gifted the items to you as we directly sent the invoice there. You may request an exchange by filling in the form on the back. If you would not like to keep the ordered haramakis but want a refund, we will transfer it to the buyer’s bank account or mail it to their mailing address.






  • Feel free to try the garments on but do not wear them during the return period as we can only accept the return of unused pruducts.
  • Do not forget to ship your package via registered mail and keep the receipt, as we are unable to take responsibility for lost shipment.
  • Make sure you pay for return shipping costs in advance as we are not able to accept C.O.D. packages.


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