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I you already had a bump you know it, if not, you will soon learn that the time does come when you are not able to button up your pants any longer. At this stage, around the third month, maternity pants are still way too baggy as they are designed for bigger tummies.

The facts:



1) Based on our in-house survey, 9 out of 10 moms-to-be apply their own ‘DIY’ solution and temporarily use a rubber band to tie the waist part of their pants, which works less and less.


2) Many of us would not like to have a new wardrobe for these months at all. If your body allows it, you may wear your everyday pants with the pant extender and maternity bands all along and save the price of maternity pants.


3) The months following childbirth can be critical from a clothing point of view, as your body needs some time to recuperate and if nothing else, your pants will be tight in their waistline, although comfort is most important during this time. All you need is a cheerful haramaki which also keeps up your waist and you can already feel pretty again!


Sounds familiar? Then the lullaberry pant extender is for you.



Imagine a rubber band which is able to extend the waist of your pants. On one side it has a button hole, which you can button onto your pants. On the other side it has three buttons, so you can set the required size when attaching the extender to your pants. Something like this:




This is a practical and convenient solution that you can trust as it does not squeeze your tummy and works efficiently.



lullaberry tips:


You can easily acquire a pants extender if you buy two maternity bandages at the same time, as you will receive a pants extender as a gift!

If your baby has already arrived, and you still need a pant extender, buy two women’s haramakis and put it in the comments box that you would like a pants extender as your gift, so that you don’t have to buy pants 1-2 sizes larger than your normal size only for this period.


Wear your lullaberry pant extender with a lullaberry maternity band with floral prints or rhinestones and you immediately have a pair of complete maternity pants.

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