Finding the right size...
is essential when choosing a haramaki.

Five reasons to love lullaberry
2in1: a unicolour and a printed haramaki in one

The lullaberry quality

The finest materials


We purchase the beautiful and high-quality fabrics from leading European and overseas textile manufacturers.



lullaberry haramakis are made of fine-jersey. This is a flexible knit fabric with very fine cotton thread and 5% elastan, which perfectly follows the shape of your body even during exercise while it feels most pleasant and comfortable.

The raw knit cotton material is easy to dye and is known for its excellent colour-retaining qualities.


When selecting prints for our collection, we concentrated our efforts on creating such an assortment that offers motifs for both more adventurous and moderate, floral or geometric styles. What’s more, if your garment of the day does not need to be spiced up with patterns, you can simply use the unicolour reverse side.



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Special cut



lullaberry haramakis follow the line of the body in their cut. We went out and conducted surveys when designing our beloved product - special thanks for the lots of useful feedback and ideas you provided.


  • The base sewing pattern has an arched shape, thus perfectly follows your body line.
  • The pattern curves on the tummy so that it won’t get creased even when you sit down.
  • We use an elastic band at the top and at the bottom so that it won’t twist or slide.





Special attention was paid to the needs of moms-to-be and kids. Maternity band are pleated on the side, therefore they flexibly follow the needs of the changing body. Haramakis made for kids are cut a little tighter, since they need to withstand the daily strain of ever-moving children.

lullaberry haramakis are exclusively made in Hungary.



Environment-friendly packaging


lullaberry haramakis come in small satchets made of identical fabric, so you can carry your favourite around in your purse during the day. You can of course also use the bag for other purposes: for example it is an excellent container for smaller items, make-up kits or pens in your purse. And in addition, it is environment-friendly.

When you order a package from lullaberry, it is shipped in reusable plastic envelopes. We request that you recycle the envelope and the invoice when you don’t need it any more.








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