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Haramakis for women – when to choose them?









Wearing a haramaki is not age-related. We recommend it to all ladies either to protect the waist or for aesthetic reasons.


  • Sizes are available from XS to XL, so you’ll find the piece suitable for you regardless of your body shape.
  • We recommend our XS-size haramakis to girls of about 10 years and up, as we have found that they prefer wearing fashionable ‘adult’ prints.
  • We suggest that moms-to-be wear our standard women’s haramakis during the first few months of pregnancy, because their tummies are still tiny at the time and they only need little concealment when pants don’t button up any longer. (If you are expectant, you are welcome to choose a pant extender as your gift instead of the handkerchief-case on your order of two or more women’s haramakis. Make sure you indicate this in the comments box.)



How to choose the right maternity band during pregnancy?





It is OK to choose from our women’s haramakis for the first few months of your pregnancy. Due to their elasticity, they follow the shape of your barely grown tummy.


  • By all means check the elasticity of the selected fabric (indicated next to the product) and choose from the more flexible fabrics.
  • As your bump develops and regular  are not haramakis are not sufficient any more, it might be time to choose one or two maternity bands, which will be your inseparable companions until the end of the ninth month.
  • Choose at least two maternity bands at the same time and we will send you a pant extender as a gift, which can replace your no more functional zipper, saving you the cost of maternity pants.




How to choose haramakis for kids?



As soon as kids stop wearing onsies, their waists are basically never protected. Our kids’ haramakis are designed to be worn from 3-4 years to about 10 years of age.


  • Kids haramakis come in two sizes. Check our size chart for details.
  • Don’t be concerned if a haramaki is a bit loose here and there: kiddos quickly grow into them and can wear them for several years.
  • We designed our kids’ haramakis for girls, but at several moms’ request, we also include patterns that can be worn by boys as well.




Choosing a pattern



The versatility of an accessory is determined by its colour scheme and the nature of its pattern. We have two basic colour arrangements: natural brownish-beige and the more formal blackish-grey.

Go through your closet and choose a few dominant colours. Look for a fabric with these colours and you will be able to dress beautifully to match it. A set of accessories (a scarf, necklace, bag or shoes) of bright colours from the haramaki can also look very nice.



The lullaberry collection offers a wide selection of geometric and organic patterns. The former ones represent a more elegant, while the latter one a more romantic style. Nothing of course is carved in stone, keep on trying!


Once you selected your favourite pattern, don’t forget to check the thickness and elasticity of the fabric.











Choosing the right size


Use the size charts to determine the appropriate size, however, keep it in mind that our various fabrics have slightly different wearing characteristics. We use the following marks to indicate the thickness and elasticity of our haramakis (you can always find these icons next to each product):


1 – thin summer wear that breathes well
2 – everyday wear of medium thickness
3 – thick wear for cold days and winter sports

1 – tight-fitting fabric with a stronger hold (if you are uncertain of your size, choose a larger one)
2 – medium-elasticity
3 – fabric expanding both horizontally and vertically (if you are uncertain of your size, choose a smaller one)

If this is the first time you’re shopping online...


You are in the right place, if you have never made an online purchase but would like to give it a try. You can review the steps of online shopping in our Ordering and Shipping terms menu. Alternatively, click on Shop in the menu and follow the steps given there.

The process is very short and simple. You need to decide on three things: what you would like to buy, how you would like to pay and how you would like the goods to be delivered. In case you get stuck anywhere in the process, don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email to be at your service.

If this the first time you’re using a credit card for online payment...



If you have a bank card, we suggest you choose bank card purchase, as it is most convenient and safe. Many are afraid of using their cards online, however, the process is completely risk-free and the data you provide is only accessible by the bank. In the Ordering and Shipping terms menu you can read the details on how card purchases happen through K&H Bank, our our banking partner.




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