Finding the right size...
is essential when choosing a haramaki.

Five reasons to love lullaberry
2in1: a unicolour and a printed haramaki in one



1. Long life for clothes!
We believe that well designed and functional garments can make you happy for an entire life.


2. We are proud of our used clothes.

Be creative wearing them – for example by using a maternity pants extender. And if you are completely certain that you won't need them anymore, give them away or exchange them, because there will be someone happy to get them.


3. Wee look for long term relationships
...with local businesses and manufactures. Their essential knowledge and professionality is key to us to create lovely garments for you.


4. Every day we do something to use our resources efficiently.

We improve our website continuously, because this is a great tool that makes purchase comfortable and simple for you.


5. No inch of fabric is allowed to be wasted.

Waste, which remains after cutting haramakis and garments, is used to make multi-functional satchets for waist warmers or we make small gifts for you out of it.

6. We care about transportation.
Cotton knit fabric for the mix&match line is purchased and printed locally. You get your clothes from the manufacturer to your door directly without being transported and stored at large warehouses.



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