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is essential when choosing a haramaki.

Five reasons to love lullaberry
2in1: a unicolour and a printed haramaki in one

Gifting calendar – not for men only!

Dear Gentlemen,

Have you ever forgotten about your partner’s birthday or your wedding anniversary? Or did mother’s day escape you by any chance?

We would like to help you with our calendar alerts to make sure this does not happen again in the future. You only have to review important days in the year once and a reminder email will be sent to you before each holiday.

If you gift your loved one a beautiful haramaki , she will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness and will always think of you with love and respect every time she wears it.

Practical advice:

  • You can mark common holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day in your calendar as well as family holidays like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.
  • If you would like us to deliver the gift package directly to your giftee, make sure you provide her address as shipping address. You may request a greeting card which will be sent to the addressee with your signature.

You may add your own personal reminders in the Gifting Calendar menu in the top right corner after logging in.

Dear Fellow-Ladies,

Calendar alerts may also be a useful tool for you, feel free to use it!

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